What happens when my account gets deleted? – Wiki / FAQ

What happens when my account gets deleted?

Before we delete your account we try to get in contact with you several times to find a solution that is not resulting in deleting your account.

However if your account gets deleted because of any reason you won’t have the ability to sign in to your account and use the Cloud Pilots Center of DLH Virtual anymore.

Can I get my hours and awards back? 
Yes you can !
Simply upon your re-registration fill in your old DLH Pilot-ID into the field “link to previous flight hours”
If you forgot to do this, you can still open a Helpddesk Ticket where you request to change your DLH ID back to your old one to get previous hours and awards. In the Ticket please mention also your old & new ID. The HR Management will take care of it. – here: DLH Helpdesk