Operation – Wiki / FAQ


  • Do you offer Charter Flights?

    • Yes Charter Flights are available
    • As soon as you got 50 Flight Hours this module is opened for you
    • Then every pilot can create 10 charters per month
    • You can find it in our Cloud Pilot Center -> Flight Operations -> Charter a Flight
    • In addition it is also possible to purchase a maximum of 5 additional charters per month
      The price for the additional charters is staggered as follows: 11th charter 1.500$ // 12th charter 2.000$ // 13th charter 3.000$ // 14th charter 5.000$ // 15th charter 8.000$
      The additional charter flights purchased will be automatically deleted on the 1st of the following month, together with the 10 free charters
  • Which Airlines are available?

    DLHv offers all Airlines where Lufthansa holds 100% Shares.

    Aerologic, Air Dolomiti, Austrian, Brussels, Discover Airlines, Edelweiss, Eurowings, Lufthansa, Lufthansa Cargo & Swiss

  • Which aircrafts can I fly?

    • DLH Virtual offers you a wide variety of aircrafts
    • Some of you prefer to fly their payware aircrafts on most of the routes
    • You can use your payware aircrafts according our Category System
    • You may change aircrafts within the SAME CATEGORY according to our Allowed equal Aircrafts list:
  • Do I have to fly at the given times?

    When you’re booking a flight you will see a Departure time and arrival time.

    Those are the times that the real flight (let’s say DLH456 10:25 – 13:20) uses.

    You however can fly whenever you want. If a flight is scheduled for e.g. 1 am, you can still fly it at 3pm.

  • Do you have a rank system?

    We kind of have.

    When you open the cloud pilots center, on the top of the page it says : Current Rank.
    You might have the rank : Cruise relief pilot or first officer.

    Those ranks however have nothing to do with the category of planes you may fly. When you join DLH, you can fly whatever flight there is in our database.
    You just signed up, have done your welcome flight and want to fly longhaul ? No problem!